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Our firm can advise you regarding taxes that will arise upon your demise as well as simple steps to be taken to safeguard your assets from the risk of long term care expenses or nursing home creditors.


We can create wills or trust instruments, be they revocable or irrevocable,  to implement your wishes while protecting your assets from both unnecessary taxation and foreseeable risks.


If you believe your loved one was the victim of undue influence we can advise how to remedy same. Conversely, if you are a personal representative or trustee we can assist you in defending the will or trust against attack by others who believe they have been wronged.


All persons should have a durable power of attorney in place should they become incapacitated and all such individuals should at least consider creating a health care proxy or advance medical directive to implement their wishes concerning extra-ordinary medical measures. Our firm can create these documents and can advise you as to their meaning and use.

Should a loved one require the appointment of a guardian, we can assist with that application.


We do not subscribe to the "one size or solution fits all needs" philosophy. Our attorneys have administered estates themselves and have assisted dozens of fiduciaries with estate and inheritance tax compliance and asset distribution.   


To learn more about how we can assist you please call us at:

201-529-5888 or 845-357-0444